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The World Food Programme  estimated that agricultural production must increase by 70% to sustain the global demand for food by 2050.  As per the world bank findings,  80% of the world’s poor population are subsistence farmers that depend on agriculture. Likewise, the International Finance Corporation established that 86% of rural residents in developing countries depend upon agriculture.
We partner our farmers through providing a  long overdue opportunity to acquire farm machinery and safety wear at affordable prices, terms and with an eco-friendly financing  approach!!!.

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As a company, we have a team of qualified technical specialists that oversees all operations in our farms located in Salima district and in farms of our valued clients. Pakaliba specializes in rice and sugarcane production and it is in the process of venturing into industrial hemp cultivation.

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Crowd farming is the practice of bringing potential smallholder farmers to work as a team with the goal of accessing farm resources and extension services that wouldn’t be accessible to individual smallholder farmers. Pakaliba Flex Ltd promotes farming as a business and as a source of employment by providing solutions to problems faced by smallholder farmers.

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We have a team of specialists; Agricultural engineering specialist, Business Development
Specialist; Agronomy Specialist, Crowd Farming Specialist, etc., that offer consultancy services to our valued smallholder farmers.

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Area 47/2

Plot Number 56

Lilongwe, Malawi

Mon - Fri, 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday, 11am - 3:00pm
Sunday, Closed

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