Pakaliba Flex Limited is the first company in Malawi to practice crowd farming. As the name describes itself, crowd farming is the practice of bringing potential smallholder farmers to work as a team with the goal of accessing farm resources and extension services that wouldn’t be accessible to individual smallholder farmers.

In this context, Pakaliba Flex Ltd promotes farming as a business and as a source of employment by providing solutions to problems faced by smallholder farmers. Pakaliba provides farming assistance such as: hiring of farm equipment and implements, provision of agronomic services, creating market linkages etc. Pakaliba offers three products under crowd farming that are described below.

  1. Pasabvute

Under this product, farmers are eligible to hire farm equipments and implements at lower prices from Pakaliba Flex Ltd. With reference to the appendix, lists of our farm equipments and implements have been indicated against the hiring fee per area of land (hectare).



·         We have different types and sizes of farm equipemts and implements to suit any type of farm operation or unit farm size.

·         Hiring farm equipments and implements at the lowest rate.

·         After hiring equipments and implements, the company provides extension workers to provide technical assistance on effective and efficient operations.



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